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Since 1996 Volume XXI
Rina Ferrarelli
Rina Ferrarelli's work, poetry and translations, has appeared widely in journals and 
anthologies, and as been collected in 6 books, the latest, The Bread We Ate 
(Guernica, 2012), a collection of poetry, and Winter Fragments (Chelsea, 2006), 
a bilingual edition of translation. She was awarded an NEA and the Italo 
Calvino Prize.
House of Bone
in sympathy
with the shadowed one
the rain awakens
in the spring, water
so sweet  it feels
like sap, and the logs
in the walls, the planks
in the floor green
a little, swell,
warp and tilt,
wanting to loose
their bonds, to reach
for the light, break out
in leaf and song.
first published in Albatross. 



Copyright, Rina Ferrarelli.
All Rights Reserved.