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Karren LaLonde Alenier


KARREN LaLONDE ALENIER is author of six poetry collections, including Looking for Divine Transportation and On a Bed of Gardenias: Jane and Paul Bowles. Gertrude Stein Invents a Jump Early On, her jazz opera with William Banfield premiered at NYC’s Symphony Space Thalia Theater in 2005. More information at http://alenier.blogspot.com.


Paul Bowles on Jane



Of course she was my kind

of girl, terrorizing her neighbor-

hood—painting the wet laundry

blue, jumping horses at a boarding

school where Janie was the only


egging me on in my mimicry of

Truman Capote when she was clearly

the master. She said she made sloppy

stews on a hot plate for him in a Paris

hotel room years after I tried to show

                                               my bride

to the only woman who could tell me

what to do. Hello, Alice. Freddie here.

Did you receive my petit bleu? I want

to introduce my wife Jane to Miss Stein

and you. Summer 1938 not to be—


and Alice leaving for the country side. Soon

the war separating us. Then Jane’s novel

making me believe I could pick up the pen

and write words of consequence. She was

my kind of muse: elusive, comically dark,

                                               hard to resist.



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