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Joan Gelfand


Joan Gelfand’s poetry, fiction and reviews are in national and international publications. Joan is a member of the National Book Critics Circle, Poetry Editor for the “J” and Development Chair of the Women’s National Book Association. She blogs regularly for the Huffington Post. Joan’s newest collection of poetry is “The Long Blue Room,” Benicia Literary Arts, 2014. http://joangelfand.com


Blue Moon 


This blue moon's lost
Behind east facing hills
Her brightness, dulled.
Obscured face.
She's chaste.

December's blue moon wanders
Out of sight. Is she veiled,
A tragic Desdemona
Mourning for penguins,
Polar bears?

Spinning somewhere
In a black hole
Is she wild?
Out of control?

I surrender hope
Of glimpsing her dinner plate face,
Her warm, milky smile.

Succumb to scraping dead stars
Off the pavement
So many light years below.



© Copyright, Joan Gelfand.
All Rights Reserved.