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Since 1996 Volume XXI

Eileen Malone


Eileen Malone's poetry has been published in over 500 literary journals and anthologies, a significant amount of which have earned awards, i.e., three Pushcart nominations. Her award winning collection Letters With Taloned Claws was published by Poets Corner Press (Sacramento) and her book I Should Have Given Them Water was published by Ragged Sky Press (Princeton). Her short stories have been published in literary as well as mainstream magazines and she is also a nonfiction book author: The Complete Guide to Writers Groups, Workshops, and Conferences (Wiley).






My grandmother told me

darning patterns on net

makes lace


all you need

is a single thread of floss

so fine you would think it was spun

by an albino weaving spider


a silver needle sharp and pure

as rubbing alcohol


a stolen porcelain thimble inlaid

with peridot crystals


the soft, hopeful light

of an amber enamel lamp


a cobalt glass goblet of

sweetened carbonated water

flavored with birch oil and sassafras


and of course you do need to submit

to the white, trembling

unanswerable logic

of making lace embroidery

on mosquito netting


it helps to have an armful of doves

lavender-necked, shy, quiet

fluttering gray brocade

wings on your roof


not to mention the kindness

of a good man who never leaves

scuff marks across your

newly polished wood floors.



Copyright, Eileen Malone.
All Rights Reserved.