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Since 1996 Volume XXI

John Guzlowski

John Guzlowskiís writing appears in Garrison Keillorís Writerís Almanac, The Ontario Review, and other journals.  His poems about his parentsí experiences as slave laborers in Nazi Germany appear in his books Lightning and Ashes and Third Winter of War: Buchenwald. 

My Fatherís Third Winter in Buchenwald 

Through the nearest window

he stares at the sky and thinks

of his dead father and mother,

his dead sister and brother,


his dead aunt and dead uncle,

his dead friend Jashu, and the boy

whose name he didn't know

who died in his arms, and all


the others who wait for him

like the first light of the sun

and the work he has to do

when the sun wakes him.


He hates no one, not God,

not the dead who come to him,

not the Germans who caught him,

not even himself for being alive.


He is a man held together

with stitches he has laced himself.  



© Copyright, John Guzlowski.
All Rights Reserved.