Since 1996 Volume XXII

The Train I Rode
by Mary Barnet

Reviewed by
Margaret Rose Kelly


     There is a remarkable spiritualism to these poems that have all been created at different times in Mary Barnet's life.  She has attained a sense of reverence and it is truly touching to read these various creations.  They represent all the splendor and the enlightenment of the writer, Mary Barnet. In these poems the poet Mary Barnet has achieved a vivid sense of reality with her own creativity.


     In the poem" Fourth of July" there is a sense of loss of an environment. Over past years this park brought forth joyous memories of love and devotion to her children. An elderly woman who once glamorized her surroundings now feels more like a victim of circumstance than a proud home owner. '"The cannon is gone/ the park is filled with alcoholics and addicts."

     In "Frogs and Crows" there are timeless moments of a happy childhood where children have a binding force of enthusiasm for special summers and beautiful landscapes that truly live inside them forever. The children feel alive in these incredible memories.

     In the poem "Sermon,"  "She felt not alone but rather full of peace" The peace that one finds in a good word. “In a smile" there is a feeling of the splendor of God's creation of life. All of life has beauty in it. Even if there are mistakes made one should always feel that it was all worth it. We as human beings should say to our-selves we are so worth so much to ourselves and to God. We are all part of God's creation.

     The poem "The Sun Rising" the taste of butter on bread is all this person needs to have tremendous joy: "Like a lump of yellow butter. /On my toast, waiting to be spread./ I devour this day". There is remarkable delight in the moment at hand.

     In the poem " Only revived by an Angel' the reader feels a sense of abandonment of a wife. " Beyond the Clothesline out my bedroom window. There was a news line from housewife to housewife". This woman feels like her life has crashed and falls to pieces. Her marriage is over and it's no fault of her own.


     In the poem "Path" the reader undeniable feels time going by. "The details of our life are trivial.”  "Winter is harsh. /Summer always passes." The readers see, as they read, their lives going by, emotions that are all encompassing of themselves.  We as readers are reflecting all our emotions into a timeless band of beautiful color of our souls. We feel a total release of the entirety our karma. There is an explosion of energy into the night and possibly a very tranquil feeling if one can transcend their mistakes and downfalls. "Like the wind our lives cut a golden path into darkness" We can't predict how our lives will be. We have joy, but we have pain that doesn't silently sleep.


     The book "The Train I Rode" is magnificently written and will ultimately capture one's imagination. All these poems cause an inner awakening.  It is quite literally a perfect creation for all readers whether they are old or young. This book represents a mixture of poetry in a state of realism and simplicity all wrapped up in one. One can purchase it on Amazon for an affordable price.


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