Laura Madeline Wiseman

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Drinking the Witch’s Brew

It could be that it had been saved
on a shelf for a moment like this one, 
to pass the thin, china teacup down
like the other objects before—a piggy bank
painted by another Lilith, whiskey jugs
filmed in dust, envelopes stuffed with doubles 
and negatives—because I’m ready
to hold this serpent in my hands
and feel the scales along the belly, knowing
in another time such hard, raised bumps
meant poison. The gilded rim and handle,
the grey patina finish, and the breath of fire
barely remain where fingers had gathered 
to bring the brew to the lips in an offering to flight.


from First Wife (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013)
first appeared in Les Femmes Folles: VOICE exhibit, 2012 

Lilith Imagines her Headstone

Guarded by a low stone wall, the family plot
marks his lineage, FATHER, SON, SON, etc.
in the space of a sandbox. Claiming dead center,
his joint monument stands erect and several feet taller
than the family, while his first wife remains a blank
raised box after the dash, as if she did away
with the vows, the blizzard’s mean snarl and bite,
and chose not to lie down and be buried beside this man.


from First Wife (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013)
first appeared in the On Our Own: Widowhood for Smarties (Silver Boomer Books, 2012)



© Copyright, 2013, Laura Madeline Wiseman.
All rights reserved.