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1)      Discuss the diminutive stature of the hero.

2)      Draw the face of futility.

3)      Debate: victim or predator?

4)      Can one emerge from the parlour, unscathed?

5)      Do the repetitions of “spout” and “rain” suggest:

a)      the fluid, the arid?

b)      the fecund, the barren?

6)      Write a dialogue between sun and rain where the sun explains

ascent and the rain, her feelings of entrapment.

7)      The spider’s action brackets:

a)      the triumph of will

b)      x as the inevitable.

8)      Demonstrate: ladder fingers.

9)      Wax poetic: “the sun’s rounded arms.”

10)   Source? “Vertical, vertical. . . all is vertical.”

11)  Why is the spider so often asked to stand in for homo erectus?

12)  Quest-romance? Bildungsroman?

13) Down, down, down – would the fall never come to an end?

14) Defend: the fly’s vanity, her demise.

15) True or False: My Father’s House Has Many Corners.



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